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Brenda Keogh Murphy

Membership Fee and Audit Compliance Manager

Brenda is one of the longest serving members of the Repak Team, guiding members with their packaging obligations since 2000, dedicated to expert membership service with integrity at the core. Brenda provided accurate advice, assistance and transparency to members with their data systems, reporting and fee calculation, while adhering strictly to fulfilling their legal compliance and membership obligations.

Complemented by an honours degree in Mathematical Studies and Statistics as well as a Professional Diploma in Data Analytics, both from University College Dublin; accuracy and attention to detail are at the heart of her work.

Brenda’s current responsibilities are focused mainly in two areas. She is now managing the member audit programme, having worked impeccably in this area over the years. The other area is to oversee and recommend the deriving of member fees, from annual net necessary cost data, and the application of eco fee modulation in line with the ever-evolving legislative landscape.