Do I need to join Repak?

The European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 and 2015 require that suppliers/producers of packaging and packaged products have a responsibility to fund the recovery of their used packaging.

What is a Producer?
A person who, for the purposes of trade or otherwise in the course of business, sells or otherwise supplies to other persons packaging, packaging material or packaged products.

A major producer is defined as one with a total annual turnover of €1 million or more and which places 10 tonnes or more of packaging and packaged products onto the Irish market.

Major producers include manufacturers, distributors, packaging manufacturers and convertors, brand holders, importers, retailers and the hospitality sector.

Producers who meet those thresholds can either self-comply or join Repak.

Click on the link here to view the requirements of self-compliance versus Repak membership.

Repak is a business led compliance scheme licensed by the Irish government to collectively fund recovery and recycling of packaging on behalf of Irish producers.

By joining and maintaining membership with Repak, a producer is considered compliant with the legislation and is therefore not required to carry out the activities of a self-complier. All up to date members of Repak receive an annual Certificate of Compliance.

Repak members are also licensed to use the international Green Dot symbol on their packaging.