WEEE Authorised Representative

Repak now offer an Authorised Representative (AR) service to help WEEE Producers comply with the European Union (Batteries and Accumulators) Regulations 2014. These new regulations have introduced the concept of an ‘authorised representative’ which means “any natural or legal person established within the State who has been appointed by written mandate from a producer, established in another Member State to fulfil the obligations of that producer, pursuant to these Regulations in the State”.

If you would like more information on Repak’s Authorised Representative Service then please get in contact by phoning us on +353 1 467 0190.

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The WEEE Register Society registration fee is based on the annual turnover of EEE and/or Batteries placed onto the market.

Please select from the dropdown list the threshold that applies to you.

Year Bands Fee
2014 €50
2015 €50
2015 N/A

Authorised Representative Mandate 2014

Authorised Representative Mandate 2015

2014 – WRS AR Form

2015 – WRS AR Form