Repak Payment Scheme (RPS)

Repak operates and manages the Repak Payment Scheme (RPS) through the Recovery & Recycling Management Department. The Repak Payment Scheme is the payment of subsidies to approved Recovery Operators (waste contractors) to fund the recovery and recycling of packaging waste that is sourced from: –

  • Industry’s back-door; comprising of packaging waste that arises on business premises that has been used to convey goods to the market; and
  • Households; packaging waste that is collected via public bring bank and kerbside collection networks.

The backdoor and household packaging waste sectors are administered and funded using separate RPS subsidy rates via our integrated control systems. The Repak Payment Scheme is available to all eligible Recovery Operators who manage collection services for packaging waste (e.g. they manage bring bank networks, kerbside (household) collection schemes, and/or have contracts with commercial entities for the collection of backdoor packaging waste generated).

The level of subsidy paid is based on the material type and source, and whether the material was recovered or recycled. Subsidy is paid for the recovery and recycling of six packaging waste material types.

• Paper
• Plastic
• Glass
• Steel
• Aluminium
• Wood

Recovery Operators registered with Repak submit claims via the Repak OnLine Claims system ROLC in which they detail tonnage by material recovered and recycled within that month. The recovered and recycled waste packaging tonnage claim is then invoiced to Repak accompanied with appropriate backup documentation. This substantiates that the material has been recovered and recycled in accordance with the Recovery Operators contract and company policies.

Verification of all claims submitted is undertaken by a continuous programme of audits incorporating financial and technical aspects.

Repak subsidies are not paid for process waste / offcuts or packaging that has not been placed on the market i.e. returned stock / defective packaging.