Repak for Schools

Recycle and Change for the Better

Repak’s Recycle and Change for the Better Programme was launched in 2017 with the goal of educating primary level students about the benefits of recycling and best recycling practices. Up to 40% of what is currently placed in recycling bins is contaminated. We have taken this proactive step to address the issue and hope it will change student attitudes and behaviours, transforming participating pupils into enthusiastic recycling ambassadors, influencing their family and friends in turn.

Our enthusiastic recycling characters include Jenny the Jam Jar, Cormac the Can, Bridget the Bottle, and Bobby the Box alongside educational lesson plans, recycling quizzes, colouring sheets, fun facts and recycling projects relating to best recycling practices for glass, cardboard, plastic, aluminium and waste contamination – the five key pillars of recycling. The lesson plans are available in both English and Irish with all materials available to download from our website.

Also available for download are Repak’s Team Green materials. Led by Bridget the Bottle, Team Green includes Tommy the Tray, Sheila the Shampoo bottle and Paddy the Pot who all feature in colouring sheets, a plastic word search and a plastic-recycling wall chart. The launch of these new materials is in response to Ireland’s plastic-recycling targets increasing. We hope you enjoy using our programme in your classes.