Schools Competition

School’s Competition Winners 2017

We were delighted to receive so many entries to our competitions last year. The winners, Queen of the Universe School in Co Carlow and Ballyduff National School were the happy recipients of iPads for their schools, alongside Erin from Ballyduff who won an iPad for herself!

Here’s what the schools had to say:

Queen of the Universe National School

The Repak ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ programme was a super resource to teach and educate our children about the benefits and importance of best recycling practices and has changed all our behaviours towards recycling. The Repak ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ educational programme changed our students attitudes and behaviours, transforming participating pupils into enthusiastic recycling ambassadors, influencing their family and friends in turn. We were motivated to visit our local recycling centre, inspired to improve our composting methods (we even built a wormery) and the programme really did bring recycling to life in our school and in our classes.
The programme’s recycling ambassadors Jenny the Jam Jar, Cormac the Can, Bridget the Bottle, and Bobby the Box were introduced to our children and they loved them. They short videos were really interesting and the children really enjoyed learning about where the recycled items actually end up and how they get reused.. Since winning the T-shirts in the Repak competition our green school council proudly wear their lovely, colourful recycling ambassador T-shirts and often provide updates to the rest of the school during assemblies.

Tommy Cox

Special Class Teacher

Queen of the Universe National School

Co. Carlow


Ballyduff National School

The Repak ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ children’s programme has created great awareness of how we can recycle more efficiently in our school and the local community of Ballyduff.

With a certain degree of uncertainty as to what materials are recyclable and where we can recycle them, this programme imparted essential knowledge to everyone in our community. The programme encouraged us to learn in an active way which the children could relate to and take ownership of.

Pupils Erin and Kate Doyle created a very comprehensive recycling guide and map of our local area that is used by the families of all our pupils to recycle better. The detailed map created by the pupils is very accessible to all with clear visual information. This has had a profoundly positive influence on our recycling habits. This great work was rewarded with prizes of iPads for the girls and two iPads for our school.

We are so proud of the efforts of the pupils in regaining control of our recycling habits and we were ecstatic to welcome our first two IPads to the school!

Lorcan Browne


Ballyduff National School

Co. Wexford