Repak statement on plastic being returned by Malaysia, May 2019

Ireland will not be among the countries in receipt of plastic being returned by Malaysia. In 2019, no Irish recycling material was sent to Malaysia.

Repak operates to a very strict regulatory and compliance standard when it comes to the circulation of packaging recycling material. It is only sent to certified plants that are subject to strict processing controls. Repak treats its obligations under this convention very seriously.

In 2016, Repak conducted site inspections of recycling plants in Malaysia and since then, only minor tonnages of recycling material have been sent to Malaysia.

An estimated 96,000 tonnes of Irish Generated waste plastics were recycled in 2018. 92% was recycled in Europe predominantly in UK,Germany, Poland and Turkey, 3% in Ireland and balance outside Europe. A total of 80tonnes of material went to pre approved sites in Malaysia is 2018. No plastic material from Ireland was sent to Malaysia in 2019.

Ireland has one of the strongest regulatory compliance regimes in Europe with quality controls measures in place before any waste packaging material leaves Ireland, with all material presorted before it leaves Ireland,”

Seamus Clancy,

Chief Executive Officer