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Repak Board Elections

The Repak board includes six Repak Member directors, elected from within the following panel of membership:

Regular Members: Retail – Two Member Directors

Regular Members: Brandholder – Two Member Directors

Regular Members: Distributor / wholesaler / manufacturer / convertor – One Member Director

Scheduled Members – One Member Director

Elections to appoint directors to the Repak board are held every four years and all Repak Members are entitled to vote for candiates from their panel of membership, for example, a Scheduled Member can vote for a candidate from the Scheduled Membership panel only. Invitations to vote are issued by email to all members, with access to a secure online voting facility. Candidates can canvass for votes ahead of the election date.  Elected directors are appointed for a period of four years and may seek re-election, however no director may hold office for more than eight years.

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