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Packaging Optimisation & Design

As a Repak Member, you can avail of our Prevent & Save Programme, which helps you to optimise your packaging systems, design packaging to maximise recycling and prevent packaging waste. We are here to help your business increase the sustainability of your packaging and achieve your environmental goals

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Prevent & Save Tools and Resources

Under our Prevent & Save Programme, we offer a range of tools and resources. Our experienced packaging technology team will work with you to identify opportunities for your business to minimise or prevent packaging waste, saving on both overall costs and the amount of packaging you place on the Irish market. We can also help you to design your packaging so that it is more easily recycled, helping you to reduce your costs under upcoming eco-modulated fees, which will penalise the use of complex materials in packaging.

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What our Members say about Prevent & Save

From small, independent organisations to large, multi-national entities, our Prevent & Save Programme has helped our Members to reduce packaging, and manage packaging waste to maximise recycling.

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