— John Loughran, Owner/Director – Sandymount Hotel
Being a member of Repak and winning the prestigious Repak Award in the Sustainable Packaging category has served to reinforce and strengthen our products success in the Irish market and has been without doubt one of the key determinants of choice in a successful pitch for new business throughout the months that followed the announcement.
At Buswells Hotel we recognise that our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and to help secure the long term sustainability of the Tourism industry. Repak has aided us in substantially reducing our waste streams with their packaging prevention programmes. We are proud to be able to say we are contributors to Repak’s success.
Manor Farm has been committed to world class standards in producing top quality chicken products since 1775 and we believe that Repak has contributed to us focusing on our packaging usage and environmental impact. Repak’s systematic recording of our packaging material usage and associated charges is an efficient and poignant method of improving our material usage both now and into the future. The Repak symbol provides Manor Farm with a clear message to our customers and consumers that we care about our environmental responsibilities.
Repak’s Prevent & Save Initiative has played a big part in the success of our Down2Earth Food Packaging range of products. The advice we received from Repak, over a number of visits to our offices, has enabled us to meet key people in companies who care about the environment like ourselves.