Prevent and Save

Prevent & Save is one of the many benefits of being in Repak Membership. The free service is dedicated to assisting Irish businesses to prevent or effectively manage packaging waste through packaging optimisation, improved waste segregation, team engagement and supplier communication. Through the programme, Repak has assisted our members with the packaging procurement savings of more than €365m that they have achieved through prevention activities since 2006. The service has also helped our members to achieve the supply change savings of €187.5m achieved during that period and has prevented over 857,000 tonnes of packaging waste from being placed on the Irish market.

Prevent & Save is dedicated to assisting Irish businesses to optimise the packaging they generate. By optimising packaging a business can prevent or minimise the use of unnecessary packaging during the manufacture, transport or sale of products or services. Prevent & Save is the perfect tool to help our members demonstrate excellence in the areas of waste prevention, waste management and recycling, and exemplifies to your customers, clients and colleagues that you are committed to a sustainable future for Ireland.

The benefits to availing of Repak’s free Prevent & Save service are many, and include:

  • A site visit from a member of our dedicated team of Packaging Technologists
  • A free packaging optimisation and / or waste management survey
  • A detailed report that guides the member through opportunities which can help to avoid the costs associated with purchasing certain packaging materials and avoid the cost of packaging waste generated
  • Consume less energy when using or packing products, therefore reducing energy costs
  • Guidance on discovering opportunities to innovate by using more environmentally friendly or lighter weight packaging materials
  • Free participation in case studies that detail the positive environmental changes that your business has made, that we will promote on our website