Tools and Services

Repak employ an expert team of Packaging Technologists to assist companies in optimising their packaging systems and to prevent packaging waste in line with their Producer Responsibility obligations. They achieve this by working directly with Government, Environmental Agencies and industry to deliver programmes that reduce the amount of packaging placed onto the Irish market.

Packaging Optimisation Toolkit

The Packaging Optimisation Toolkit is aimed primarily at smaller companies who may not have any dedicated packaging expertise within their organisation.
In order to help such companies this toolkit is intended to highlight the functions of packaging and how invaluably packaging serves as a means of ensuring the quality of the product.

This toolkit comprises various tools which help optimise packaging at the design stage. There are various associated case studies also included which help illustrate successful improvements from leading companies.

The Optimisation Toolkit can be downloaded here

The below case studies come from businesses who have taken positive steps to reduce input packaging on supplied goods, reduce output packaging on their finished products or reuse packaging in order to reduce waste.
By designing or specifying packaging in this way, industry can reduce both waste and the costs associated with their packaging.

Repak’s Packaging Technology Service

Repak’s technologists work directly with companies to identify areas where packaging waste can be prevented or minimised. On-site surveys are carried out and ‘Packaging Optimisation Reports’ are compiled that guide member companies through the opportunities they have to improve their packaging systems and to reduce their packaging waste. This saves material and money for the companies involved, and in turn helps to reduce the overall amount of packaging placed on the Irish market. By analysing all types of packaging, both in to and out of a company, and by examining product (primary), grouped (secondary) and transport (tertiary) packaging, our technologists find ways of optimising packaging systems as a whole, so that the best use of available resources is achieved.

These surveys are 100% confidential and are free to Repak member companies. If you are interested in this service or have any questions please click here .

Packaging Complaints

We would like to hear from you if you have noticed any products displaying what appears to be excessive packaging. Please contact us outlining the packaging details and your own name and contact details. We will seek to address the most commonly reported issues with the Company in question.

Packaging cost savings calculator

The aim of our packaging cost savings calculator is to highlight the potential savings available to your company by removing and reducing any unnecessary packaging from your products and systems.

Equipped with this information it should then be much easier to build a cost-benefit analysis for the changes to be implemented.

Please click here to open the tool: Packaging Cost Savings Calculator

Note: The calculations within this tool are based on findings from an independent report conducted by Dr. Pat McCloughan of PMCA Economic Consulting into ‘Packaging prevention and minimisation: The quantity and value of savings by Repak members’.

To view this report in full please see our case studies and publications page.