Become A Recovery Operator

Repak contracts the services of Public and Private sector Recovery Operators (as defined in the Waste Management Act 2007) to undertake the recovery and recycling of packaging waste arising in the Republic of Ireland. The provision of the services must be in accordance with the Repak Payment Scheme Recovery Operator Contract.

The minimum Services to be provided by all Repak registered Recovery Operators under the Recovery Operator Contract 2015 to 2018 comprise of the following:
– The collection and recovery of Back-Door Packaging Waste and Household Packaging Wastes from registered bring facilities, householders or the public/individuals.
– Any arrangements required to facilitate the lawful Recovery and Recycling of such Packaging Waste, to be carried out either by the Recovery Operator or by agreed third parties who must be prior approved by Repak subject to the provision of verifiable audit trail information. Such arrangements include:


  • Packaging Waste Collection (including separating, baling and sorting of materials as appropriate);
  • Primary processing;
  • Locating and using legitimate markets for recycled and recovery material;
  • Transportation and traceability of materials to Recyclers and/or Re-processors;
  • The provision of the appropriate vehicles and other equipment as necessary for the collection and transportation of the Packaging Waste;
  • Competent management and administration of your Recovery Operator RPS account as per contract conditions and as notified from time to time;
  • Use ROLC to submit eligible claims, update the Master Details section accordingly; and
  • Compliant invoices to be submitted in a timely and proper fashion;
  • The provision to Repak of detailed information to clearly establish the source(s) and the costs of the post Back Door/Commercial Waste, Industrial, and Household Packaging Waste claimed, and;
  • Place Repak’s Logo on vehicles, recycling receptacles, billing heads, stationary etc. and your website as agreed;
  • Such other Services as may be nominated by either party and accepted by Repak (by notice to the Recovery Operator) from time to time.

For the avoidance of doubt the Services shall not include any activity or operation involving Non-Recoverable Materials, non-Packaging Waste and Process Packaging Waste.

For full details or If you wish to become a registered Recovery Operator please contact the Recovery and Recycling Management Department on.