Current Recovery Operators

Repak registered Recovery Operators provide the collection of packaging waste from households/commercial sources as well as mixed/source segregated recyclable materials deposited at bring centers and civic amenity sites throughout ROI. The Irish Waste Management industry has invested significantly, with help from Repak and its members, in recycling/recovery facilities and machinery to ensure that recyclable material is segregated into individual material types and sent for recycling or recovery.

All materials entering such facilities are monitored for quantities of individual material types, their source and the packaging content of each material type, which is reported to Repak, which in turn provides subsidy payments to Recovery Operators who collect packaging waste and provide this information. Using the information provided, Repak assist in compiling national packaging waste recycling and recovery statistics which are used to determine Ireland’s recycling and recovery performance.


As a company serving a wide spectrum including the public, local authorities and industry, it is essential that we look for opportunities to tell the story of our company and of how we are constantly moving forward. Winning a Pakman Award has proved to be exactly the right way to get our story out to our customers and stakeholders. The publicity that was generated around the Awards was widely acknowledged by our customers and was very beneficial to Glassco Recycling.
Panda was honoured to receive a Pakman Award in 2016. These awards are a testament to our continued focus on increasing recycling levels with all our customers. Our commercial customers are managed by a team who look at each individual business and, where possible, look at each waste source and offer solutions which add value and benefit everyone.