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The Green Dot is one of the most widely used recycling symbols on packaging. It indicates that the producer of the packaging has contributed financially to the recycling of that packaging.  For example, Repak Members can use this symbol on their packaging as they pay fees to Repak to fund recycling in Ireland. The symbol does not necessarily mean that the packaging is recyclable, has been recycled or will be recycled. 

Green dot symbol.Use of the Green Dot Trademark by Repak Members

The Green Dot is a worldwide protected trademark, owned by PRO Europe (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe).  As a member of PRO Europe, Repak is the sole registered licensor of the Green Dot trade mark for the Republic of Ireland.  All Repak members have an automatic right to display the Green Dot on their packaging in accordance with a Green Dot Licence Agreement offered by Repak.  You can download the technical guidelines to use of the Green Dot below. 

If you are a producer, but not a member of Repak, you may also register to obtain a licence to use the Green Dot on your packaging if your business is registered in the Republic of Ireland and meets one of the following three criteria:

  • Your business is below the de minimis levels set out in the European Union Packaging Regulations
  • Your business is registered as a self-complier with your local authority; or
  • You are an importer of packaged products bearing the trade mark, but otherwise may not have an obligation under the European Union (Packaging) Regulations.

Please note that we have a separate fee structure for a stand-alone Green Dot licence – this applies to products offered for sale in the Republic of Ireland only. Fees are based on a cost per kg per material type of packaging marked with the symbol. Any products sent for export are subject to local Green Dot fees that apply in the importing country.

View the Green Dot application, the Green Dot license agreement/Green Dot Trade Mark agreement and Terms & Conditions below. *Details of fees that apply in other markets can be found on the Pro Europe website

Repak membership offers cost-effective compliance with EU Packaging Regulations, backed by the full support of Ireland’s leading environmental, not-for-profit organisation, advocating and educating on your behalf. Find out more about the many benefits of Repak Membership here.