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A challenge for Ireland: plastic packaging recycling

Currently Ireland meets all of the previous EU targets set in the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. In fact, we already exceed 2025 targets for Wood (69%) and Paper & Cardboard (84%). In the case of glass recycling we already exceed our 2030 targets with a current recycling rate of 86%.

However the new plastic packaging recycling targets will be challenging for Ireland to meet and present an opportunity for Ireland to change the way in which we manage these often complex materials which currently have a recycling rate of 31%.

To achieve the new EU targets of 50% by 2025 and 55% by 2030 will require a dramatic change by all stakeholders in order to capture more of this material. 

As a Repak Member, our team are here to support your business as we move forward in prioritising sustainability. Our Prevent & Save Programme is an excellent resource that will assist your business in optimising packaging systems, offer advice on the design of packaging to maximise recycling and ways in which you can prevent packaging waste. 

As part of the programme our team can provide suggestions on cost saving opportunities that are attributed to the cost of purchasing certain materials. We also offer the option of an onsite visit to your premises in which our experienced packaging technologists will assess your packaging systems and offer personalised advice. 
For more information please contact our packaging services team on or call us on 01 467 0190.