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Coca-Cola launches first 100% recycled plastic bottle for River Rock

In 2018, the Coca-Cola system launched its global World Without Waste strategy, setting out a commitment to design more sustainable packaging and to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells by 2030 to achieve a true circular economy for packaging.

Coca-Cola became a proud signatory of Repak’s Plastic Pledge in 2019. All its bottles and cans are already 100% recyclable and since 2018, it has reduced the amount of plastic used in bottles by 7.5%. Recently, the Deep RiverRock water brand introduced its 100% recycled plastic bottle range, the first mainstream water brand produced on the island to do so. In addition, all of Coca-Cola HBC’s on-the-go packs also now contain 50% recycled plastic and larger takehome packs contain 25% recycled plastic,

 “Our support of Repak’s Plastic Pledge aligns to our global sustainable strategy, World Without Waste, which aims to design more sustainable packaging and collect the equivalent of every bottle and can it sells by 2030.”

Matthieu Seguin, General Manager Coca-Cola HBC Ireland

Team Green for Schools

Team Green is 3,400 Repak Members working together for a greener Ireland. Ireland has hit every plastic recycling target since 1997. Help us reach 50% of all plastic recycled by 2025.

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