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Repak achieves milestone 2014 recycling rates at 71%

Repak achieves a Milestone 2014 with Recycling Rates at 71%

Repak AGM reflects on a very successful 2014 with:

  • Repak one of the leading countries within the EU for packaging recycling.
  • Irish people amongst the best recyclers within the EU.
  • Overall recycling results in 71%, well ahead of the 65% Government approved target.
  • A total of 812,046 tonnes of household waste recovered in 2014, up by 14% from 2013
  • Paper accounted for the largest volume of tonnes recycled (49%) followed by glass (21%) and plastic (12%)

In 2014 Repak Members benefited from:

  • Members’ fees  unchanged since 2008, and amongst the lowest in Europe
  • New management structure and procedures to help enforce producer compliance
  • New 5% fee rebate introduced in 2014 delivers €1 million back to compliant members
  • Repak’s compliance scheme approval extended until 2019

2014 has been a milestone for Repak with recycling rates exceeding all records, new management controls and the introduction of new fee rebates for members whose fees have remained amongst the lowest in Europe.

Speaking at Repak’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Seamus Clancy, CEO said; “2014 has been a turning point for Repak. We have continued to increase our recycling and recovery rates year on year, keeping Ireland amongst the top in Europe, while ensuring there is no increase in fees to our members. We have seen our approval to act as a compliance scheme extended to 2019, the agreement of a five year strategic plan and for every one euro spent, 82% went into direct recycling. This is due to the support and contribution of our members.

“There will be challenges ahead for Repak and its members due to new targets and ambitions being proposed by Brussels as part of the Circular Economy Package to extend producer responsibility. We will continue to work with our associates across the EU member states to facilitate a common and realistic approach to what Irish businesses can deliver.”

Repak Members

Repak also reported that its member’s fees have remain unchanged since 2008. These are amongst the lowest in Europe and will remain unchanged until December 2018. Member numbers have also remained the same for 2014 demonstrating that Repak is the best compliance option for businesses.

Last year, as a special incentive, Repak introduced a 5% fee rebate to complaint members. The rebate has seen a very strong take up by members and is expected to return an estimated €1 million to those companies in 2015.

Team Green for Schools

Team Green is 3,400 Repak Members working together for a greener Ireland. Ireland has hit every plastic recycling target since 1997. Help us reach 50% of all plastic recycled by 2025.

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