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Repak calls on Irish public to join Team Green

  • Team Green, powered by Repak, founded to improve Ireland’s recycling rates
  • Team Green is led by: Olympic medallists Paul and Gary O’Donovan, and Annalise Murphy; Republic of Ireland football legend, Paul McGrath; bestselling cookery author and entrepreneur Roz Purcell; businessman and entrepreneur Bobby Kerr
  • New Repak research reveals that while over 7 in 10 people recycle over 75% of recyclable waste, a significant 26% recycle less than 50%, with a fifth (20%) unsure how to recycle certain items

Dublin, Thursday 20th September: Repak has today officially launched Team Green, a new initiative powered by the not for profit recycling scheme, that is designed to educate the Irish public on the importance of recycling more. By joining Team Green, Irish residents are showing a commitment to increasing the nation’s recycling levels and support for Ireland to achieve its future recycling targets. For more information on how you can join Team Green and become an environmental champion, visit, Repak Recycling on Facebook or @RepakRecycling on Twitter.

Leading the charge to increase recycling rates in Ireland are the first members of Team Green: Olympic medallists Paul and Gary O’Donovan, and Annalise Murphy; Republic of Ireland football legend Paul McGrath; bestselling cookery author and entrepreneur Roz Purcell; and businessman and entrepreneur Bobby Kerr.

According to the findings of a new research study commissioned by Repak*, 99% of the Irish public believe that it is important to recycle, with 48% of those citing its importance because of the long-term implications that not recycling would have on future generations. Team Green has been launched by Repak to inspire good recycling behaviour amongst the Irish public and to ensure Ireland reaches its future recycling targets, particularly regarding plastics.

Ireland’s recycling personalities

The Repak research has revealed that outside the household, 38% admit that they are a better recycler at home than at work. Of those 14% cite that their recycling personality is different in the workplace and ultimately, not as good, because they don’t have to worry about getting rid of the waste in work. Yet 65% said that they would be more inclined to work for an environmentally friendly organisation.

Over the last 20 years, Ireland has been one of the most successful countries in Europe for recycling plastics, recycling 36% of plastic and surpassing every target set by the EU. However, by 2025 plastic recycling rates will increase to 50% and then 55% by 2030. To reach these targets, the requirement to recycle correctly in the workplace is just as important as recycling at home and in response to this, Repak has developed tips on its Team Green webpage for how both households and commercial business can join the team.

Speaking on the importance of improving our recycling habits to reach these future targets and the benefits of joining Team Green, CEO of Repak, Séamus Clancy said:

‘Today, I am calling on the households and commercial businesses of Ireland to get behind the drive to increase recycling and join Team Green. By joining Team Green, you are demonstrating a commitment to continually bettering your recycling habits, particularly around plastic, and are supporting Ireland in reaching its future recycling targets. Households and commercial businesses in Ireland have a vital role to play in increasing our recycling rates. Log on to to make your plastic pledge and download tips and information on how you can improve your recycling behaviour both at home and at work.

‘We currently recycle 36% of all plastic, but we need to raise that figure to 55% by 2030. This is no small task and will require a collective effort, but as a united Team Green community, we can all work together to increase our levels of recycling and place Ireland as a world leader for packaging recycling. Together, we can become Environmental Champions.’

The difference you can make:

  • If everyone in Ireland recycled just one more piece of plastic every week at home or in work, we could recycle 250 million more pieces of plastic every year!
  • If every person in Ireland recycled just one more water bottle per week, we’d recycle an extra 7,000 tonnes of plastic per year
  • If the Irish public washed and dried their recyclable items and put them loosely in the recycling bin, we can reduce recycling bin contamination by 40% and prevent 2,000 tonnes of waste from landfill
  • Recycling an extra 2L milk carton a week per person would increase recycling levels by 9,492 tonnes
  • Even recycling one extra yogurt carton per week would increase plastic recycling tonnage by 799 tonnes

Team Green at home

To join Team Green simply go to, click the ‘Team Green at home’ bar and sign the Team Green at home pledge. Don’t forget to download the Team Green Recycling Poster for some Repak hints and tips that will demonstrate how you can recycle more in all areas of your house.  

Team Green at work

For commercial business employers and employees to join Team Green, simply go to:, click the ‘Team Green at work’ bar and sign the Team Green at work pledge.

Every month from October 1st 2018, Repak will be giving away €500 to a lucky Team Green environmental champion to spend with a Repak member of their choice.

Team Green at school/college

For college and school students joining Team Green, simply go to, click the ‘Team Green at School/College’ bar and sign the Team Green at school/college pledge.

Team Green at clubs/community groups

For clubs and community groups joining Team Green, simply go to, click the ‘Team Green at Clubs/Community Groups’ bar and sign the Team Green at clubs/community groups pledge.

Team Green for Schools

Team Green is 3,400 Repak Members working together for a greener Ireland. Ireland has hit every plastic recycling target since 1997. Help us reach 50% of all plastic recycled by 2025.

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