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Repak wants Irish Consumers to make us Europe's top recycler

  • Repak launches its 14th Repak Recycling Week on October 13th and wants to encourage Irish consumers to get Ireland to number one
  • Ireland is now 4th in Europe for packaging recycling
  • Irish businesses have invested €278 million through Repak in ensuring that their packaging does not go to waste

Dublin, September 30th 2014: Irish businesses have collectively invested €278 million since 1997 through Repak to drive Ireland’s packaging recycling efforts. This has lifted Ireland from being one of Europe’s poorest performers to a position where we are now 4th in Europe for packaging recycling.

Now Repak wants Irish consumers to get us to the top of the European recycling league.

Repak Recycling Week this year will focus on how householders and consumers can increase Ireland’s recycling performance.

Repak will encourage even better recycling behaviour from the Irish public and asks them to ensure they are not contaminating their recycling bins by putting the wrong or dirty materials into them.

Laura Murphy from Repak said: “If your bin is contaminated with rubbish or dirty recyclables it makes the recycling process a lot more difficult and costly. We are all in this together, let’s take the time to ensure what we put into our recycling bin is both clean and correct so that the materials can become similar products that can be used and recycled over and over again.’’

Part of the week will see the 17th annual Repak Recycling Awards Ceremony which takes place in the Lyrath Hotel in Kilkenny. The awards will celebrate best practice and innovation from Repak member companies, Local Authorities and Waste Recyclers in areas such as packaging prevention, reuse and recycling.

Team Green for Schools

Team Green is 3,400 Repak Members working together for a greener Ireland. Ireland has hit every plastic recycling target since 1997. Help us reach 50% of all plastic recycled by 2025.

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