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As Ireland’s only compliance scheme for packaging recycling, over the past 20 years Repak has helped Ireland not only consistently achieve its EU recycling targets for the five main materials but significantly exceed all of these targets. We work closely with our Members, Recovery Operators, Government and Local Authorities nationwide, to drive best practice in waste management and to encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recycling and Recovery Statistics 2020

As of June 2021, we announced that Ireland surpassed every recycling and recovery target set for it by the European Union for the twenty third year in a row* with recycling rates as follows:

  • Plastic at 29.3% (EU target 22.5%)
  • Paper at 79% (EU target 60%)
  • Metals at 70% (EU target 50%)
  • Glass at 87% (EU target: 60%)
  • Wood at 61% (EU target 15%)

In total in 2020*, Repak funded the recovery and recycling of over 1 million tonnes of packaging waste, an increase of 30k tonnes on 2019 (2.9% increase) and the highest volume recorded ever in Ireland (*subject to verifcation by the EPA).

The Plastics Challenge

While Ireland is exceeding the current EU recycling target of 22.5% for plastics, with an estimated recycling rate of 29.3% in 2020, we must meet ambitious targets for plastics recycling of 50% in 2025 and 55% in 2030 under the Circular Economy and EU Legislation.

The table below details Plastic Packaging Waste managed in Ireland in 2020, showing that the percentage recycled was 29.3%.

Plastic Packaging Waste 2019

Packaging Management

   Tonnes          %     
Total Plastic Packaging    317, 131    100
Plastic Recycled    92,919    29.3

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