Repak is a not-for-profit packaging recycling scheme funded by contributions from almost 3,000 participating member companies. Repak subsidises the recovery and recycling of packaging waste collected by Repak approved ‘Registered Recovery Operators‘. Repak approved Recovery Operators consist of waste management companies and Local Authorities that provide waste management services to the commercial and/or domestic sectors. Since 1997, Irish businesses have invested over €400 million through Repak in supporting packaging recycling in Ireland, and with our members, Repak has helped to grow packaging recycling and recovery from under 15% in 1997 to 90% in 2016. 

There are many benefits to becoming a Repak member or Registered Recovery Operator. 



Repak is a not for profit company set up by Irish business and owned by its members. Repak charges fees to its members in accordance with the amount and type of packaging they place on the Irish market. These fees are used to subsidise the collection and recovery of waste packaging through registered recovery operators across Ireland so that member companies are exempt from this requirement.



The Pakman Awards are a free-to-enter national awards that recognise excellence in waste management and recycling among businesses, organisations, community groups and initiatives in Ireland. The inaugural Pakman marked a significant change in the direction for Repak whose awards were previously only open to its members and recovery operators. Now all organisations who can demonstrate their environmental waste management practices and efforts can enter



Prevent and Save is one of the many benefits of becoming Repak member, and our team is dedicated to assisting Irish businesses to optimise their packaging. By optimising packaging you can prevent or minimise the use of unnecessary packaging during the manufacture, transport and sale of your products.



Repak now offers an Authorised Representative (AR) service to help WEEE Producers comply with the European Union (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2014. These new regulations have introduced the concept of an ‘authorised representative’ which means “any natural or legal person established within the State who has been appointed by written mandate from a producer, established in another Member State to fulfil the obligations of that producer, pursuant to these Regulations in the State”.