Become a Repak Member

Does your business have a turnover greater than €1 million and place over 10 tonnes of packaging onto the Irish market annually?

If so, you may have a legal obligation to become a Repak Member under the European Union (Packaging) Regulations (2014). You may also wish to join Repak if you anticipate that your business will have a packaging obligation in the coming year, wish to use the Green Dot symbol on any of your Irish packaging, or are looking for ways to develop your company’s corporate social responsibility.

There are two types of Repak Membership.

There are many benefits to becoming a Repak Member.

Major producers who are obligated under the European Union (Packaging) Regulations  can comply either by joining an approved packaging compliance scheme (Repak) or registering as a self-complier. Self-compliance comes within the remit of city and county councils (local authorities).