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Single Use Plastic for Members

The single use plastic (SUP) directive 2019 forms part of the EU’s Plastic Strategy having been transposed into Irish Law on 3 July 2021. The main aim of the single use plastic directive is to reduce the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

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What is single use plastic?

Single use plastic products are made wholly or partly from plastic and are typically intended to be used       once or for a short period of time before they are thrown away. 

The single use plastic directive restricts certain items from being placed on the market where there is an alternative material available. 

Who reports the single use plastic?

Single use plastic tonnages are reported by the:

•    Converter i.e. the company in Ireland that makes single use plastic items or
•    Importer of empty or filled single use plastic or
•    Foreign Online retailer (exclude if sold/supplied to a Repak Member who is the importer)

No deminimus applies
•         Covers both packaging and non packaging
•         Covers plastic from Producers outside the State

What SUP data is required annually?

If you place any of the following 6 SUP items on the market then you are required to submit the weights of these on an annual basis to Repak through our portal.
1.      Cups for beverages including covers and lids                          
2.      Food containers                         
3.      Beverage containers including caps and lids                            
4.      Packets and wrappers                           
5.      Lightweight plastic carrier bags                         
6.      Sanitary towels (pads) panty liners, tampons and tampon applicators                                    

The cover image for the SUP guide.

Single Use Plastic Guide

Want to learn more about single use plastic and how to relates to your business? Below you can access a copy of our single use plastic guide which will provide you with an overview of the reporting requirements under the Single Use Plastics Directive. If you have an queries please contact our team on

View guide

Single use plastic portal

To access our online portal, please use the button provided below. Please note that if you are currently a Repak Member, there is no requirement to register as your existing login credentials will grant you entry.

Single use plastic registration forms

You can use the below button to register for either our Authorised Representative or single use plastic only producer forms. Should you encounter any difficulties, please reach out to our Membership team on for assistance.

Single Use Plastic documentation

Below you can access supporting documentation related to the single use plastic directive and our producer training manual.

Single use plastic producer list

Click here to view a list of our current single use plastic producers

View list

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