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Get Eggsited this Easter with Repak Team Green

We want to keep you in the loop with our top recycling tips this Easter as our consumer research revealed that 57% of respondents plan to purchase up to 6 chocolate eggs and another 12% will buy 10 or more eggs this year!

Given that consumers are likely to purchase more this Easter we are proud to see huge changes in packaging with Ireland’s biggest Easter egg producers, our Members, including Mondelez, Nestlé, Mars and Butlers, having reduced their packaging by over 30% in the last ten years.

Today we launched a series of short Easter recycling tips across our Facebook and Instagram to help consumers identify what items can and can’t go into the recycling bin. We are asking the public to continue to recycle all types of packaging, in particular cardboard boxes, plastic moulds, chocolate trays, clean tin foil and egg boxes once clean, dry and loose. Don’t forget to play your part today by joining Repak Team Green for free.