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At Repak, we are driving change, through a range of strategies and initiatives aimed at helping Ireland achieve ambitious recycling targets under the new Circular Economy. We keep our Members informed of EU Legislation impacting their business and guide them on packaging optimisation and design, encouraging them to sign up to our ‘Repak Members’ Plastic Pledge’ to reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment. We also educate consumers on reducing, reusing and recycling through our Team Green campaign, Team Green for Schools programme and seasonal awareness initiatives. You can find out more here about our extensive educational and communications campaigns, which run across traditional and digital media throughout the year.

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Recycle more and better this Christmas

You know the "12 Days of Christmas" but have you heard of the ’12 recycling tips of Christmas’?  We want to help you recycle more and better this festive period, today we launched a two week…

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