Statistics Training

When joining Repak it may be the first time that your business has compiled packaging statistics. To make this process as easy as possible, Repak have an expert service that can support your business every step of the way.

Repak can support your business in the following ways:

Complimentary Packaging Audit
Repak can conduct an audit to see if your business has an obligation with the Packaging Regulations – at no cost.

Free Statistical Training
Provision of free training at your premises to calculate the quantity of packaging your business places on the Irish market. Training will be provided within two weeks of submitting an application form and is usually divided into two components; the first is a broad overview of the regulations; the second is tailored information relevant toyour business.

First Completed Packaging Returns
Repak can submit your business’ initial Packaging Returns at no charge, making it straightforward to become a Repak Member.

Yearly Packaging Statistics
Once you have joined Repak, we can provide details of approved consultants that can be employed by your company to help in the collation and provision of on-going yearly packaging statistics. Statistics are required bi-yearly; February (July to December the previous year) and August (January to June of the current year).

For further information or to book training, please contact our sales team on 01 4670190 or email

To assist Members with submitting their statistics returns, we have developed online training videos which will make the process as seamless as possible for our Members.

As part of your membership, Repak offers Statistics Training once a month in our offices. The objective of these sessions is to enable any business entity to compile and submit the relevant packaging information to Repak as comprehensively and timely as possible at the minimum cost and use of resources.

Following training you will know

  • How to complete the stats return form
  • Which boxes apply to your business
  • What information you require
  • How to calculate your fee

Group training is held at frequent intervals at 10am the Repak Offices. For further information or to schedule a place on a training course please email or to book a training date please contact our membership team on 01 4670190