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About Team Green

Repak Team Green is our call to everyone in Ireland asking them to recycle better. Together we can collectively recycle more materials - remember think clean, dry and loose.

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What does it mean to join Repak Team Green?

We launched Team Green in 2018 to help Ireland increase recycling rates for packaging waste. We work with our Members to increase the recyclability of their packaging and we are now reaching out to consumers, schools communities and business organisations to ask everyone to make a difference collectively by placing the right thing in the right bin - clean, dry and loose

Meet our Team Green Ambassadors

We’re delighted to have five amazing ambassadors on board to help spread the word about Team Green. Learn how to recycle more and better with Anna, Donal, Roz, Paul and Bobby, in our short videos below. 

Repak Team Green ambassador group shot for 2021 campaign

Repak Team Green Press Conference

Repak Team Green ambassador Anna Geary drumming up new habits

Anna Geary

Repak Team Green ambassador Donal Skehan drumming up new habits

Donal Skehan

Repak Team Green ambassador Roz Purcell drumming up new habits

Roz Purcell

Repak Team Green ambassador Paul McGrath drumming up new habits

Paul McGrath

Bobby Kerr

Bobby Kerr


Team Green resources for everyone

Under our Team Green campaign, we run regular recycling initiatives on social media, communicate directly with those who have signed up, and develop creative competitions, games and resources to help you play your part.

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Repak Team Green for Schools session with Anna Geary

Team Green for Schools

We have a dedicated range of resources for Primary Schools, to help children learn about recycling in a fun and interactive way with our helpful characters, Cormac the can, Bobby the box, Bridget the bottle and Jenny the jam jar!

Team Green for Schools

See why some of our members joined Team Green

Team Green Member Angela Reidy quote

Angela Reidy, Cork

Team Green Member Emer Breen quote

Emer Breen, Dublin

Team Green Member Paula Curtin quote

Paula Curtin, Cork

Team Green Member Michael Mullarkey quote

Michael Mullarkey, Kildare

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