Annual Report 2017


You can view our Annual Report 2017 here. Repak Annual Report: Ireland sets record for highest ever recycling rates in 2017 Repak funded the recovery and recycling of 817,888 tonnes of packaging in 2017, an increase of 23,040 tonnes from 2016 and the highest volume of recycling ever recorded in Ireland Ireland’s recycling rates up…

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Packaging Waste Segregation: Making the Most of our Resources


Packaging Waste Segregation: Making the Most of our Resources. Your business continues to make a vitally important contribution to making Ireland one of Europe’s top recycling nations. However it is important that despite current challenges in the plastic recycling markets, we continue this great work and that our used packaging continues to be viewed as…

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Compostable Packaging: A Solution to Plastic Waste?

Compostable Packaging – A Solution to Plastic Waste? Introduction There has been a significant public reaction to plastic marine litter including calls for plastic packaging to be reduced or even banned. Some organisations are looking to bioplastics and particularly compostable packaging as the solution. Is compostable packaging the solution or should we be looking elsewhere…

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