Press Release: Repak and Panda Greenstar call on Dublin city centre businesses to recycle in aid of Focus Ireland

Repak and Panda Greenstar call on Dublin city centre businesses to recycle in aid of Focus Ireland

Plastic recycling fundraising drive launched across Panda Greenstar’s Dublin city centre commercial network

Irish packaging recycling scheme, Repak, and leading waste operator, Panda, have today announced a new joint initiative to support Focus Ireland in its efforts to assist families, young people and children at risk or affected by homelessness.
The initiative, aimed at all commercial businesses in Dublin’s city centre, will encourage offices, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and supermarkets to collect their plastic recyclables in specially commissioned recycling bags. The bags, which will be provided at no cost, will be collected when full and in return, Repak and Panda Greenstar will donate to Focus Ireland based on the volume collected. The initiative, which will run for six months, aims to raise much needed funds for Focus Ireland in its work to combat and prevent homelessness.

Businesses in Dublin city centre can feel assured that by pledging their support to the initiative, they are not only playing their part to recycle more and protect Ireland’s environment for future generations, but they are also providing invaluable support to those in need.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Séamus Clancy, CEO of Repak said: ‘We are delighted to partner with Panda Greenstar and support Focus Ireland, an organisation that provides vital services to those in need of their support.  We encourage all businesses in Dublin city centre to pledge their support to the initiative and dispose of all recyclable plastic waste correctly using Panda Greenstar’s special edition waste bags to do so. Repak has over 3,000 members, many of whom operate in the city centre and we encourage them to further their contribution to the environment by partaking in this very worthwhile initiative.’

Eddie Moloney, Commercial Sales Manager, Panda Greenstar added: ‘I am delighted to be here today to launch this new fundraising drive and to officially thank the team at Repak for their support. Ireland is currently one of the top performing countries in the EU for packaging recycling, but with recycling rates set to increase over the coming years, we hope that this new initiative will encourage Dublin city centre businesses to recycle more, with the knowledge that they are providing financial support to families in need by doing so’.

Liz Logan, Major Gift Manager, Focus Ireland concluded: ‘We are thrilled that Repak and Panda Greenstar have chosen us as the charity partner for their new fundraising initiative. The funds raised from this new drive will make a huge difference to the people that we support. Focus Ireland is committed to preventing homelessness and providing permanent homes for individuals, families and young people. Currently, we move one family into a home every day. The financial contribution and support from Repak and Panda Greenstar help us achieve this. Thank you so much to all involved.’

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Notes to editor

About Repak:

Repak is a not for profit established in 1997. Repak was created by Ireland’s recycling industry to help companies meet their legal obligation with packaging legislation. Repak’s members, over 3,000, are producers of packaging and the threshold is any company who places more than 10 tonnes of packaging onto the Irish market with a turnover of €1 million in the calendar year.

In two decades, over €425m has been invested through Repak by its members to fund the recycling and recovery of packaging waste. Repak fees are based on a pay-as-you-produce basis i.e. the more packaging placed on the market by a producer, the higher their fee. The fees paid to Repak by its members are used to subsidise the collection and recovery of waste packaging through registered recovery operators (the people who come and collect your rubbish for sorting and separation) across Ireland, so that the individual member companies are exempt from this requirement.

Repak is approved under licence by the Government to operate as a compliance scheme for packaging recycling. Since Repak was set up in 1997 packaging recycling and recovery in Ireland has grown from a very low base, under 15%, to an estimated 93% in 2018. Ireland is now one of the leading recycling countries in the EU for packaging recycling.

Repak has recycling targets set out by the Department for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment and the EU, and has achieved and surpassed the targets year on year since its establishment.

About Panda Greenstar:

Panda Greenstar is the largest waste management provider in Ireland and is strongly committed to issues affecting the environment. Its environmental policy extends not only to the many waste management services offered to customers, but also to its own internal commitment to continually seek improvements in waste handling and environmental protection. In addition, the company strives to prevent pollution; promote recycling and recovery rates; inform and educate people about environmental activities; support local economy by sourcing materials locally; and to work with suppliers to minimise their environmental impact.

Panda Greenstar is dedicated to working in partnership with employees, customers, local authorities, the EPA, industry, the media and the public in generating awareness about the waste management industry. As market leader, it assumes a leadership position within the waste management industry. Its wealth of experience in the sector is underpinned by its commitment to designing, developing, managing and operating all its services and facilities to the highest standards of international and environmental best practice. Panda Greenstar’s goal is to work in partnership with all customers to set the standard in waste and environmental best practices.

At a local level, Panda Greenstar aims to make the communities in which it operates better places to live and do business. In addition to work supporting local charities, Panda Greenstar also sponsors research work with local authorities and educational institutions to increase awareness and influence behaviour in the area of waste minimisation and conservation of resources.

Panda Greenstar also actively promotes community involvement in recycling activities through communication, education and sponsorship both at a local level and through interaction with the local community.

About Focus Ireland:

Focus Ireland is a national housing and homelessness not-for-profit organisation, established in 1985.

Focus Ireland works with people who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes across Ireland. We are driven by the fundamental belief that homelessness is wrong. Wrong because it is a failure of society that creates victims out of ordinary people and robs them of their potential. Wrong because it can be prevented, it can be solved but is allowed to continue and in doing so, undermines society. Focus Ireland’s strategy outlines that the real solutions to this crisis lie in preventing people from becoming homeless in the first place and ensuring that they are helped to stay in their home once they have found one. These are the two areas that will be central to our work in the coming years.

In 2018, Focus Ireland worked with 15,000 people, while also providing a place to call home for 1,200 households across Ireland.